Make it a Family Culinary Competition



> Once the big feast is over, don’t settle for simply warming up those leftovers – get creative! Turn turkey and all the trimmings into new and tasty dishes through a little friendly competition. Start a new Day-AFTER-Thanksgiving tradition by dividing family members into teams for a fun cooking contest.

> Using only leftovers and two to four “mystery” ingredients, teams should be tasked to come up with the best tasting dish. Appoint a neutral family member as the judge, and you’ve got a great way to enjoy another family meal, while putting all the leftover food to good use!

> Leftovers should be stored and reheated carefully. Make sure you pack and refrigerate leftovers within two hours after cooking or removing from a food warmer, and keep them refrigerated until you are ready to use. A general rule to follow is to never keep leftovers for more than four days.

> Reheat leftovers completely to ensure food safety. The USDA recommends reheating to at least 165°. Dishes should be covered to help retain moisture and to guarantee food is thoroughly reheated. Sauces, soups and gravies should be enjoyed within two days of preparation; be sure to boil for at least one minute before using.