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Apples are a great source of vitamins A and C. They contain a healthy dose of quercetin, a powerful flavonoid with antioxidant properties, which helps protect the heart and arteries, and may help combat some cancers. Consuming the fruit itself rather than drinking apple juice is best since 80% of the quercetin is lost during processing.

red delicious
Brilliant red with an elongated shape, this sweet and crisp variety is great with peanut butter for snacking or tossed into salads for extra crunch.

These sweet apples are a relatively modern variety that was cultivated by the University of Minnesota to withstand the harsh climate. Honeycrisps are typically medium sized, and are perfect for baking or sauces.

granny smith
Freckled green with a tart yet sweet flavor, this apple is a favorite for dipping into caramel, as well as baking into pies.

Gala apples feature streaks of red and yellow, and are sweet in flavor with a snappy texture. They’re perfect for snacks and salads, as well as in sauces.

Greenish-yellow blushed with red and a super sweet and juicy flesh, Fujis are excellent fresh in salads, but also great in pies or baked.

This variety is a cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious with a tangy-sweet flavor and crisp texture. It’s excellent in pies and sauces, or baked whole.

Mottled red and yellow skin with flesh that’s sweet and tart with a hint of spice, the Braeburn’s firm texture makes it an excellent choice for pies.

golden delicious
Yellow green skin with a sweet, mellow flavor and flesh that resists browning, these juicy gems are great all-around apples. They’re the perfect choice for all your needs – snacks, salads, pies, sauces, baking and poaching.